VMG Industry planted saplings


Management Conference 2016 took place in November 10-11. 


In order to create most favourable working conditions for the employees, at the end of 2015 the decision was made to repair, renew and equip the facilities of the Company’s administrative building. 


This spring Klaipėda’s VAKARŲ MEDIENOS GRUPĖ, UAB, joining Lithuanian and Belarusian wood processing companies, invited kindergarteners and schoolchildren from two institutions to learn about nest box making process and even try to make a nest box themselves.


This year the Company participated in the career fairs, arranged by Kaunas University of Technology and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.


VMG Industry is a young and modern company, which is a high-technology complex of waste-free wood processing with subsequent manufacturing of products.


Each year the employees of VAKARŲ MEDIENOS GRUPĖ gather to the LEAN Day event to discuss the previous year’s LEAN methods’ implementation and use results. The aim of LEAN Day is to celebrate the achieved results and award the employees, best contributing to implementation and management of the LEAN methods.


The training was conducted at VMG Industry in Mogilev, Belarus.

In January 2016 the base of the said company was used for training on organizing and conducting rescue works in case of emergency situations at wood processing facilities.


Vakarų medienos grupė joined the initiative to encourage the young generation to choose engineering sciences and took part in the National Career Week held on 23-27 November. The meetings of representatives of various professions with students were organised in Lithuanian towns throughout the week. The main objective of the meetings was to introduce one’s profession to students in the course of interpersonal conversation and to encourage them to make plans regarding a career path already today!


The Leadership Forum, that has already become a good tradition, took place on 6 November 2015. This year, with the participation of 82 employees. The event, that was held in the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius, was attended not only by our employees from Lithuanian enterprises (Vakarų medienos grupė, UAB; Klaipėdos mediena, AB; Sakuona, UAB; and VMG Technics, UAB), but also from the companies in Belarus (VMG Industry, and SwoodS export).


On 8 July 2013 VMG Technics, UAB launched the Optimization of Business Processes of VMG Technics, UAB by Introducing Modern Management Methods project under the implementation of the Lithuanian Strategy for the Use of European Union Structural Assistance 2007-2013 and the measure “Procesas LT” of Priority 2 “Increasing business productivity and improving business environment” of the Operational Programme for Economic Growth.


On 1 July 2013 Sakuona, UAB launched the Implementation of Modern Management Methods to Improve the Performance of Production and Business Processes of Sakuona, UAB project under the implementation of the Lithuanian Strategy for the Use of European Union Structural Assistance 2007-2013 and the measure “Procesas LT” of Priority 2 “Increasing business productivity and improving business environment” of the Operational Programme for Economic Growth. 


On February 3, 2015, the “Expansion of the production base of Sakuona, UAB” project, implemented by Sakuona, UAB, was launched through measure “Invest LT-2” of Priority 2 “Improvement of Business Efficiency and of Environmental Conditions for Business” in accordance with the Economic Growth Operational Programme of the European Union structural assistance employment strategy for Lithuania for the period 2007 – 2013.


On July 1, after a month of construction work, Klaipėdos mediena, AB officially opened the door to a newly built, spacious restroom for workers at its furniture manufacturing premises by cutting a symbolic ribbon.


The Lithuanian open show jumping championship called “Vakarų Medienos Grupė Cup” (VMG Cup) has become a tradition and has already been held for eleven years in a row at the “Horsemarket” horse riding centre in Klaipėda district. 


On June 12 and 13, the Vätternrundan 2015 cycling marathon, celebrating its 50th anniversary, took place in Sweden. 


The finalists, companies, of the republican contest “Best exporter 2014” accounted for 10 percent of Belarus exports.


On April 25, Saturday, some VMG colleagues participated together in an organized communal tree-planting at the VMG Industry company.


On April 15, an occupational safety and health seminar on “Organising and Securing Safety at Work in Wood Processing Companies” was organised for the employees of the Vakarų medienos grupė, UAB, companies. It was attended by over 60 employees. The chief labour inspectors, A. Džiugas, R. Vasiliauskienė, and I. Grunskytė from the Klaipėda Department of the State Labour Inspectorate, conducted the seminar.


The communal planting of young trees has become a company tradition, and on March 27, a group of 30 VMG employees together with Antanas Baranauskas, the director of the Kretinga forest enterprise, enthusiastically participated in an organized planting of saplings. In this way, they contributed to conservation and reforestation of the Šernai forest. 


On March 25, 2014, the VMG Industry company was nominated for and awarded “Best entrepreneur in the Mogilev region – a creator of new jobs.”


On January 27 and 28, the Lean club paid a visit to Klaipėdos mediena, UAB, and all of the members visited the company’s factory. The Lean club is concerned with the dissemination of development tools in Lithuania. Its members are from non-competing companies. They learn and practice using the Lean system at the club. The programme of this club aims to provide necessary knowledge with reference to the implementation of the Lean system, provide skills and boost self-confidence while implementing Lean principles. 


Belarusian-Lithuanian Economic Forum 2014 was held on November 4 in Belarus, Mogilev city, during which the entrepreneurs discussed on common projects. At the meeting attended the Prime Ministers and more than 200 business representatives from these two countries.


"Sakuona“ twenty years of continuous growth

In 2014 September 12th, the one of the "Vakarų medienos grupė" group companies „Sakuona“, situated in Klaipeda district, near Plikiai village, has commemorated its 20th anniversary ceremony. „Sakuona“ is distinguished not only by its history, but it is a unique example that even situated in a small town it is possible to compete in the global market.


AB "Klaipedos mediena" (plc.) management is taking into account the increasing prices for natural gas, which currently accounts for a significant part of the company's fuel mix. In order to contribute to the Lithuanian international commitments to increase the use of renewable energy sources in energy production, to reduce Lithuania's dependence on imported fossil fuels and to provide thermal energy at competitive prices, the company initiated use of new hard bio-fuels that use heat generating plant construction project in the existing company production base area.


On July 9th, the day before the official opening of the industrial complex, Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, paid a visit to the factories. The purpose of the visit was to find out more about the implementation of investment projects in the field of wood processing. 


On July 10th this year, an industrial complex of Vakarų medienos grupė (VMG) and the SBA concern was opened in the Mogilev Free Economic Zone, Belarus. The industrial complex required an investment of LTL 325 million. It has been announced that this is one of the largest Lithuanian foreign direct investments (FDI) from a neighboring country.


Name of the project: Modernization of gas furnaces in chipboard production, with the help of installation of renewable energy resources of heat generating 6MW power plant
Project No. VP3-3.4-ŪM-02-K-02-065
The project operator details
Name AB "Klaipeda timber" (plc)
Code 240616710

2010-11-11, 10/11/2010

UAB "Sakuona" (Ltd.), a subdivision of the company “Vakarų medienos grupė” located near the port city, steps into the new stage of existence. The company by means of millions of investments into smart technologies and new products will uphold strong positions in a very competitive market for many decades henceforward.


"Vakarų ekspresas", 02/06/2010

Yesterday in Klaipeda "Vakarų medienos grupė" (VMG) signed a contract which became official beginning of the investment project in Belarus. VMG will erect complex of plants producing plates and plywood work pieces in the Mogilev free economic zone. General amount of the investment project makes 64,3 million euros (222 million litas).


"Verslo žinios", 21/04/2010
Nijolė Dvarionaitė

Vakarų medienos grupė UAB, which has decided to build a factory complex in Belarus, is happy to announce that the project is proceeding according to plan, with demonstrated support from the local government. Currently, the company is negotiating with designers, and will soon announce a tender for the selection of a contractor.


In early November, Klaipėdos mediena submitted documents to the state commission and asked to check and confirm the completion of the construction of new electrostatic wet-cleaning filters installed at the company. The company invested over 8 million litas into the fume cleaning during the economic downturn.


AB "Klaipėdos Mediena" (plc.) (a branch of UAB "Vakarų Medienos Grupės" (ltd.)) stops the production of particleboards from July 20th till September 21st to fit chimney electrostatic wet cleaning cleaners. The production of furniture will not be stopped.


"Verslo žinios", 2009 07 22
Nijolė Dvarionaitė

Next spring, the factory complex construction will begin in Belarus. "VMG" makes no secret of the fact that in that Belarus not only has favorable tax conditions, but there will be no difficulties with timber supply.


The mounting works of the electrostatic filter are in progress.


The mounting of the wet electrostatic filter has started. The groundwork is in progress.


A first dispatch from Austria with electrostatic filter equipment has arrived.


"Verslo žinios" 2009 05 13
Nijolė Dvarionaitė

In the end of the last year, "VMG" has sold "UAB Girių Bizonas" (Ltd.) and bought 4 companies that have joined "VMG" that specialize in the same field of production. According to the group of companies, the company prepares itself for future market and order outbreak increase in such way.


"Klaipėdos Mediena" funding for air filter purchase was approved in mid-April. 8 million litas worth electrostatic cleaning filters on company's chimneys installed the Austrian company "Scheuch GmbH" specialists. The new filters will remove 95% of the blue smoke.


In 2008, three furniture companies were united by "VMG" and the turnover has risen by 17% (up to 419.74 million LTL).